Each individual painting is its own now within an imagined multiverse and an Earth-adjacent environment. At times a cosmic sky is more likely to be perceived, whereas at other times a detailed landscape fills the painting's borders. As a nod to the concept of 'wrinkles in time', i.e. bunched up linear time folding at different points of contact, the foundation of each painting is rough/wrinkled. The texture was achieved using acrylic paint applied using the hands as a nod to finger painting and the dreamlike vision of childhood.

Dancing with spirit and science, there is a fascination with imagining different perspectives. Mathematically it seems our own multiverse supports no more than 11 different dimensions, and yet these works are an exercise in differing perception and only somewhat connected to the theories many scientists accept as most probable today

Garden PartyA Close up of TimePeaceful TimesPfingstrosenPonds and Free WatersRose WrightEncroaching HorizonThistle PerspectiveDepths of CosmosValley in the DistanceStackedParksRe-Wright