Art Exhibition in Kolbermoor (near Rosenheim), Germany

It's been a fantastic time in Kolbermoor these weeks and months of making art, learning and exchanging ideas. Our spontaneous disco night was probably the most surprising, but what does one expect with good food, good music and wonderful people?

We cook, we laugh, we cry and now we get to celebrate our successes with an upcoming art exhibition, the finale, in this tale of one atelier, 2 rooms.

There was such a strong feeling of camaraderie and support, I have seldom experienced anything like it. Nor have I had the feeling of being pushed, kneaded and pulled like A's cinnamon knots while getting crit! But that is how we learn, hey? By changing ourselves in order to see through another's eyes.

I am in SO much gratitude for everyone that made this experience possible. 

Won't you please join us in spirit if not in physicality?  We'd love to be able to celebrate with you.
Website for more information on classes/study programs and degrees available:

An der Alten Spinnerei 2

83059 Kolbermoor
Telefon: 08031 39 11 060

Much love,

Thanks to the staff at AdbK for sending out the image and the skilled organization!