Beloved Materials

A friend was visiting my studio over the weekend and wanted to know how i choose the size canvas for a work. Instead of being able to coherently answer what, for me, is an intuitive process, I got to talking about materials. Acrylic is fine, it dries fast, gives quick results, lots of mediums combined with the paints can assist in making those interesting results.

But... bleh. I will probably never, ever have the same love for my acrylic paintings as for my oils. Acrylic has taken more of a place in the studio in the last 9 months because i've been working a part of the time with other artists in a shared studio and fumes are an issue. And some nice results have ensued.

Comparing a recent acrylic to an older work in oil, though, has me salivating to create more oil paintings this year and going forward. The results one can achieve with just pigment and a drying oil are absolutely incredible and hold, in my opinion, much more chi/qi, reflect the light in much more interesting ways and create a better work.

Am looking forward to creating more abstract landscapes in my "traditional" medium.

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