Changing Perspective

It was a very windy day.  And it'd probably been 30 years since I'd been to the Badlands near the town I grew up in in South Dakota, USA.  I had forgotten how unique and how beautiful the place is.  

And how expansive.

If anyone would like more information on how they originated, please visit:

It's a concise article that seems to cover most of the important bits.

The imagery from the days of traveling is definitely motivating me to create more landscape-esque paintings.  And the simple task of driving on wide, straight roads (as opposed to the narrow, curvy ones in Germany), was a welcome change.  

I am in love again with western South Dakota sunsets.  Or maybe I never fell out of love, just forgot.  Perhaps that is the same thing.  But anyhow, roadtrips are a balm to my being and highly recommended.  Bring friends. Family. Companions. Share.

All my love,

Photo courtesy of Erika Olson ~ Thank you!