To Chill or not to Chill

2023's been one heck of a year so far.  After returning from the Akademie (and, yay! getting accepted to study more beginning later this summer), it's kind of a good time to reflect.

Alas, good things are a happenin' and there's not a lot of space for "doing nothing"... like an exhibition S.B. and I have been working on since before CV times... and then there's the Florence Biennale to prepare for.  Regensburg's also got a great opportunity to show this autumn and then there is the ongoing making works in the studio.  But that's all stuff I'm so excited to be doing.  It's things that give me energy and strength to carry out the 10-30% of tasks that are those "required" and are, well, more depleting. ^^

The sun is shining and I'd love to be at the lake swimming... and yet... also happy to be producing artwork and engaging with people who support me in doing that.  Happy love to all my collectors and supporters!!! Couldn't do it without you.  And maybe when things DO settle a bit more, I will take some time and head out to the open waters for a dip.  Til then, though, exuding gratitude for the work at my fingertips.

All the love,

*photo courtesy of Rainer Fleischmann. All Rights Reserved.
(vielen Dank!)