Always a loving and lovely experience when we can grow in ways that feel GOOD.  Being with like minds, do things similar to us, think along the same neural pathways.  So easy, so flowy, so growing of hearts and spirits in beautiful ways.

And then we hit the spots in our experiences we perceive as everything seeming to be against... we're against, others are against, all doors close... paths once seen clearly, blocked... and we shy away because sometimes it's very very painful.  We forget to trust that new paths are emerging, quietly, in unexpected places.

This piece showed up in moments after a disheartening, hurtful experience completely re-directed the path of direction i'd been heading towards.  It created a major change in octave if not a complete change of composition. Just honoring the stutters in my life ... in appreciation ... for we know not those events and people which/who come/s after.  And that that comes after is pretty much always MUCH more wonderful and amazing than that which we had been broken away from due to the contra.

Nod if you know what i mean.

All the love,