Constraints and Challenges

All went well, learned a TON, had an amazing time meeting and working with other artists.  Major pivotal point in changing how I create and look at art.  Teaching me again, to dive into discomfort because I always end up learning something valuable from the experience. ^^


Ohhh so not an inspiration post. 

WORD of the DAY: Verklemmt. 

Hemmed in, yet facing the cliff and hearing the Clarion Call to "Jump! Jump!"  and wishing it was just Kris Kross singin' in my ear.

This week, while in Kolbermoor (a studio space where no solvents are allowed), I'll not be using my self-made, long tested mediums, nor my personally mixed pigment and drying oils... nope. And one would think there's no issue here; there are so many types of art supplies that are solvent-free, what.... is.... my... brain...coming unglued over?

The issue probably just reduces to "painting in front of other people."  After years of only painting by myself, my head can't change the destination of this exploratory adventure ie. painting with a group of artists with very experienced teacher, it is choosing to have a meltdown over the lack of familiarity of medium.

My VW van is going to be packed with "options" to help those naysaying voices shut the *uck up, but this seems a good time to bring the yoga mat, the empty journal pages and good pens and see this week as the major gift that it is.  Enjoy the moments, the perhaps painfully won advancement (improvement?)  in person and skill that is going to come from it.  Carpe diem, baby!

All the love, J