The peony-type flower seen on the right is so very much like a lion's mane, the body carrying over to the left. I am remembering Alice in Wonderland flowers in a sense... and then not so much as this is a more powerful, and kinder, creature.
Effusing love and passion.  Immersed in self-expression having broken free of the caged confines it had allowed itself to be trapped behind.  One can see the bars at the top of the work having broken off... I assume it happened the moment the lion decided to no longer be a caged creature.

This text showed up in the middle of the night.  No poet, i am, but will place it anyhow because it belongs to the work:

i would love every inch of you
til dawn's rays kissed your skin from the window

you would be mine only

we would adventure unexplored lands

freely given | openly received | amplified | shared and exchanged

i would love you til morning of every, endless, day


Be Well,

The painting Lionheart is 140cm x 200cm