Interior Design Versatility with Abstract Art

Art has a resonance.

My paintings are always going to have the combined vibes of: where they were painted, with what materials they were painted, and how my mental/physical/emotional/spiritual snapshot looked like when the piece was created until the finishing touch.

It's an evolution.

Most of my works take a lot of time to complete.  

Layers to build a foundation and create something to work with.

There is probably never going to be a work of my art that I love that was compositionally decided before I began.  The composition for me has to happen coincidedly with the harmony of the overall energy in creating.

And looking at this mock up above, I love how all of those creative elements work together to add harmony.  The artwork is engaging, it catches the eye and also works with the creativity and beautiful materials this designer has used in this space.

Am so very thankful more designers are using orignal artwork in their projects.  It brings life into homes and offices, hotels and public spaces.

All the love,