If we only had a big arrow pointing us in the right life direction.

Where's the manual for this place? I ask myself.

....retrospectively, though, the signposts* have been and are there all along the way.  Just had to get and keep my priorities straight.  WHAT do I WANT?

....and, well, keep looking for and being open to receiving signposts like this one from Rumi sent to me by a friend recently:

"Half of life is lost in charming others.
The other half is lost in going through anxieties caused by others.
Leave this play.
You have played enough."

And anxieties or no, I am most happy doing that that makes me happy and my heart sing.  

So where's the hesitation stem from? That's an easy answer

Because we all know what ostracized, attacked, proverbially spat upon, feels like.  

But times are a changin', my friend.  We may feel like we're drifting and sludging our way through the detritus of the universe; things are hard, or they can be.  Yet the good experiences are there, too.  Authenticity, transparency, honesty, value, connection, HEART and valor.

It's there.  If we lose it, we WILL find it again.

All the love,