Photoshoot with local photographer Andreas Fuchs

Sometimes things coast along so quickly, they feel like yesterday's experience but happened years ago.
Looking back at the photoshooting with C. and A., I'm reminded to be in gratitude for the steps forward.

We were in Claudi's garden close to the Walhalla in Bavaria when she's like, "so, let's do an interview."
So we talked about my first offers of showing in a gallery here in Regensburg more than 10 years ago.  How I felt I couldn't accept because of other commitments. How other offers to show my work showed up, but I had to say "no."  
The timing just wasn't right.  I was in a new country, had to still learn enough of the language to make it through daily life.  My children were adjusting from being in the USA to being in Germany, too.  

And then Claudia shows up and does what she's very good at: getting peoples' work SEEN.  Their passions, their projects.  She's one of the best people I know for putting a spotlight on value and quality.  And I am still thinking about how much gratitude I have for that bump up in getting my work out into a wider audience.

The photoshoot with Andreas was a riot.  We even had a leaf blower for our wind machine.  We had bakery from the local German bakers, Schifferl, we had coffee.  We had lots and lots of laughs.  Thank you so much for the good memories.

Here's the issue if you'd like to take a look:

All the love,