In Favor of the -tych

re-print from Artist Talk Magazine blog:

Having some collectors with limited space and often narrow staircases in our region of Germany, combined with my own space constraints, has me, in my newest in-progress series, going deeper into polyptychs.

Historically, polyptychs were popular, especially in the 15th Century for storytelling (to an illiterate public), very often depicting religious scenes, one part of a message/scene per panel. Because they also, often, had „doors“ or were hinged, they could be closed or protected for travel.

All of those needs are not my needs in this century, but nonetheless, the idea "polyptychs“ can be adjusted. My oeuvre is chock-full of flexibility and multi-fill-in-the-blank. I am, afterall, looking at mixing up folk tales, mythology, science and metaphysics. So, it’s great when multiple people see and experience multiple stories and messages. I want people to discuss and opine.

In my last series, I began making diptych’s (2 canvases). Inspired by one of my collectors, I began looking at new ways (for me) of creating one work on multi-canvases. Especially appealing is one of my latest compositions where all four pieces form a headshot of a warthog. Separate, they can be rotated and mix and matched to provide a different look and maybe other figures will be seen. One art connoissuer told me it’s like cloudwatching.

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