Learning anew or Remembering Things Long Forgotten

Many a time, an artist has gone back to look at a piece to wonder how it could be improved.
And sometimes, we have forgotten how to make those improvements because in a desire to create something new, maybe the pillars of what constitutes a beautiful work have been momentarily forgotten.

"Fields", 100cm x 200cm was a piece I felt was very beautiful, it "said" what I wanted it to say. It is an ode to the male aspect/male principle. There is a history of stages of life such as the warrior, the chief and the wise one and I felt these were represented very well.

After having the honor to attend a recent art class with a group of very talented artists and a very knowledgable teacher, I went back to look at "Fields" to see if I could take off some of the 2 dimensionality in the flower petals and flower.

It may not be perfect, not sure anything is ever "perfect" as we continue to grow, change, see differently, but right now, I am extremely enamored of the direction taken.

One of my favorite landscape teachers, John F. Carlson, was a master at keeping the eye within the frame of the painting. It was he I was reminded of at the art class; reminding myself to recede (more purple, colder color) things I wanted in the background (even if it is an abstract piece!). 

So I changed the petals to have more structure and changed the big flower to be more complex. 

Hope you like the result,